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Visiting Us for the First Time?

If you aren't used to going to church or have had a bad experience in the past, we know it is an intimidating prospect.  It's rough visiting a church where you don't know anyone (or many people), may not fit in, or may be bored out of your mind!  

Going to a church event shouldn't feel like you are attending a funeral, going to court, or visiting a library.  How are you going to want to spend time there if you don't feel comfortable enough to be yourself?  Rest assured, we have all felt the same way and our church makes a conscious effort to not be like that.  

We don't want to approach you like a used car salesman chasing you around the parking lot, trying to get you to buy.  And we don't want to ignore you because of how you look, act or simply because you are new.

Our church (see MAP) is a place to ask questions and learn.  A place to find friends and support when your other friends and support aren't available.  A place where your kids will feel comfortable and welcome. We are welcoming.  We are caring.  We are NOT judgmental (please email us if you feel that is not the case)!  Yes, we will agree we are probably too LOUD, and we could probably be a little more polished or organized to put on the best and most professional "service" or "show" we can.  But that is not why we are here.   We are here to be better people, to be saved from our past, saved from our nature to screw up our lives on our own, and to support and serve others to do the same.  These are great and noble things to do, but we also realize it is all wasted effort unless we do them with Jesus leading the way and using the Bible as our road map.

If you visit us on Sunday morning in a tie and slacks or wearing a dress, you will be overdressed compared to 90% of our congregation!  Just like the twelve apostles were somewhat a group of diverse "misfits", workmen, doctors, teachers, and tax collectors, the members of our church are also equally diverse.  We have people from all walks of life - some with Masters degrees and some with a degree in "Murphy's Law" (what can go wrong, will and often), some divorced, some from other denominations (Catholic, Baptist, or even former Atheist), some with tattoos, some with bible college degrees, some with piercings, some business owners and stay-at-home moms.  We also have many that have adopted children, special needs children, or are serving as foster parents.  As different as we may be, we all come together with something in common - we want a better today and tomorrow and we want eventually to be in Heaven after our work here on earth is done.

Jesus didn't care what people looked like or where they came from and neither do we.  You don't have to worry about what you wear when you walk through our doors and you don't have to worry about being judged or sitting in someone's "assigned seat" for service.  We will just be glad you had the courage to come at all and will gladly meet you at the door to make you feel welcome but not pressured.  Now we are asking, are you ready to come?  Click HERE to see service times.


Not sure if you want to come?  Email us with your questions or concerns and we be glad to help you any way we can. 

Click HERE to map your way to the Inola Christian Church location on a Google Map.

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