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How do we show we know Jesus?  Walking through the church doors each Sunday isn't enough.  Jesus gave us the Great Commission - to go forth and build his kingdom on earth, to spread the word of his message to others.  While we are called to "go forth", not all of us have been called to go outside our own communities.  However, it is our duty as Christians to support and encourage those that do.

This is part of our values as Inola Christian Church.

Sunset Bible Camp
Sunset Bible Camp is the home of all of our youth church camps each Summer.  This camp is an excellent facility and the experiences the children have there will last a lifetime and for many, is the location that they decided to give their lives to Jesus and be baptized, either at the camp or at their home church on their return.

Sunset Bible Camp, P.O. Box 1297, Mannford, OK 74044

Sunset website:

Cookson Hills Christian Ministries 

Providing Christ-centered residential care, education, and therapeutic services for at-risk children ages 5-18.  Since its beginning in 1957, Cookson Hills has offered help, hope, and healing to abused and neglected children and worked with their families to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, dependency, and failure. 

For more, go to:


AICM - American Indian Christian Mission

Show Low, Arizona

AICM exists to: “Evangelize and Equip Native Americans for Christ.”  AICM works to help Native Americans become aware of God and to bring them into a saving knowledge of His Son, Jesus Christ.  We teach that accepting Christ is the only way one can be saved. We accomplish this in a 3-fold ministry; The AICM boarding school, outreach to families of students, and Blue Bus ministry.

AICM is an independent organization, guided by a Board of Directors.  Our former ICC minister, Steve Cable, is on the board for AICM.  


For more on their ministry, go to:

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation". 

~  Mark 16:15 NIV

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