Sunday Service and Other Videos

Click HERE to view videos on YouTube


Join us for worship online this Sunday Morning at 10:00 am for an interactive church service.  The service is available by computer, iPad, or mobile phone (smartphone).  It will start promptly online at 10am but we recommend you log in a few minutes early.  Our Sunday service includes:


  • Welcome or Updates from our Elders or Leaders

  • Music by Grant & Amy Imler

  • Sermon by Steve Cable

  • Updates and Information for Youth from Shane Thacker

  • As much fun stuff as we can come up with to keep this message real, relevant to our congregation, and more!  We will even include videos or photos of our members as much as possible to help keep everyone in touch.

LIVE CHAT!  During the Sunday Morning Streaming, Steve, Shane and others will be on live to chat, provide information, answer questions, etc. as the service video is playing.  Due to the number of people involved, video segments needed, and trying to comply with social distancing, our service video is prerecorded.  This also lets us add additional features like having the scriptures pop up on the screen, etc. to make the service more user friendly and meaningful.  

JOIN US!  You can go to the Sunday Service at 10:00 am this Sunday by clicking here:  If you can't access this online at this time, the full service video will be available below or on our YouTube channel.