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We believe in the power of prayer!  We also believe that when there is a prayer need, we want our ministers, elders and prayer warrior team to know (depending on how comfortable you are with making your prayer need public).

With prayer requests, you have options on privacy and how you want to let us know about your prayer need.

First:  Privacy Options

  • Private - Only our ministers will know of your prayer need.  You can choose to have our elders also know.  The more people praying, the better but we also want to protect your privacy as much as you need us to.

  • Public - Our ministry team, elders will be notified as well as your prayer need will be sent out to our ICC Prayer Requests text list.  Keep in mind that anyone can opt-in to receive these text messages.

Ways to Submit a Prayer Request

  • Contact the church leadership directly by phone, text or email.

  • Submit a prayer post to the ICC Prayer Requests Facebook Group at  Note:  Anything submitted will be viewable by all group members but is not Publicly viewable to just anyone.  All members of the group must be approved by a Group Admin before being able to see prayer needs and announcements.

  • Complete the Prayer Request Form below

Want to be part of the ICC Prayer Team?  

Sign up for prayer request update and church activity update text messages.  To sign up, send a text to 918-221-0365 with "PRAYER" as the message and you will automatically be added to our contact text messaging list.

ICC Prayer Request Form

Thanks for submitting!

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Senior Minister

Steve Cable

Mobile:  (417) 438-9583

Youth Minister

Shane Thacker

Mobile:  (918) 991-2757

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Administrative Assistant

Nancy Cable

Office:  (918) 543-3465










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