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Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver..

~ 2 Cor. 9:7 

Financial Giving - Tithes and Offerings


Despite the fact that many people use the word “tithe” synonymously with any church-related giving, the word tithe literally means “tenth.”  The tithe was an obligatory offering from the law of Moses requiring 10 percent of an Israelite’s firstfruits. Because God provided the harvest, this first part was returned to him. It was a reminder to Israel that all things we have are his.  Christians continue to be faithful today by tithing and showing thankfulness for God's provision. It also is the main funding to support the local ministry of the church, providing for missions supported by the church, and providing for the needy.


Offerings, on the other hand, are considered gifts given outside of (or in addition to) a tithe. While tithes and offerings are technically two different practices in generosity, they’re often spoken about hand-in-hand. Offerings can be given generally so the church can apply this money where needed, or you can specify a certain or specific area, mission or effort for this money to go towards.

Unless specifically designated, all tithes and offerings provided to Inola Christian Church are used to provide for the needs and efforts of our congregation as well as funding of our selected missions and missionary efforts locally, nationally and abroad.  ICC provides a number of ways our congregation can give in addition to giving in person.  These options are outlined below.  If you have any questions on any of these, feel free to call our office.

Giving By Phone Text Message - Easy & Secure!
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Inola Christian Church has been using easyTithe for quite a while as an alternative to our members who prefer to give without needing to carry a checkbook, cash or otherwise arrange payments to the church for their tithes and offerings.  Many of our members currently give each month by text message or mobile app or arrange for automatic payments each month.



Instructions for New Users of easyTithe:

  1. From a mobile phone, text donation amount to 918-779-1947

  2. You will be prompted to visit a secure URL to complete registration including securely providing your credit or debit card information.

  3. When registration is completed, your donation payment will process.


Instructions for Existing Users of easyTithe:

  1. Text donation amount to 918-779-1947.  Your payment will complete processing.

  2. You will receive a confirmation text showing your donation was successful.

Giving By Mail
Mailing letter mailbox.jpg

If you prefer, you can provide your tithes and offerings by mail with a check to:  

Inola Christian Church 

PO Box 782

Inola, OK  74036

If you want all or part of your donation to go to a specific cause or need, please specify this in the memo section of the check.

Online Bill Pay
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Setting up a recurring payment through your online bank account is pretty simple. Though each bank’s website will slightly differ the basic concept is the same for each. When you give this way the bank mails the church a check and does not charge you or the church anything. It’s a great way to give!


Basic Instructions:

  1. Go to your banks website or app and login.

  2. Go to the Bill Pay center or tab of the website or app.

  3. Enter Inola Christian Church as a ‘Payee’ in the Bill Pay center.

  4. Create a one time or recurring or “automatic” payment to ICC (making sure to choose an amount, start date, frequency, and sending a “memo” line with the payment).

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